Now, India's first comprehensive app for tailors

Now, Indias first comprehensive app for tailors

Tailors across India can pick up stitching tasks through Bengaluru based startup- Styched, a fast-growing Indigenous fashion apparel brand, is developing India’s first comprehensive tailoring application

Bengaluru: Tailors across India can pick up stitching tasks through Bengaluru based startup- Styched, a fast-growing Indigenous fashion apparel brand, is developing India's first comprehensive tailoring application, aimed at potential tailoring partners across major cities in India. This innovative application is designed to ease the restrictions faced by tailors, while still e ciently producing customised, sustainable, quality products for customers.

Styched's app essentially functions like an online cab aggregator, but for tailors. The app is not visible to the public on app stores; instead it is provided directly to the tailors on their phones as an apk file. It lists down all available jobs based on orders received, and any tailor in need of a job may identify and undertake work that interests them.

The Subscribers are paid immediately upon completion of the task. The dressmakers will be provided with ready-to-stitch fabrics, cut with the help of Styched's patented production on demand technology. This eliminates the need for any master/pattern cutter. Further, Styched will provide interested subscribers tailoring machines at a ordable EMIs and educate them about necessary equations regarding the machinery or beneficial government policies and schemes.

Announcing the app, Co-Founder and CEO of Styched, Soumajit Bhowmik said, "The app was initially a moderation platform for tailors internally and in Bangalore. Now it is to open in 15 hubs across the country and employ over 15,000 tailors". Commenting further on its inception Soumajit added, "We wanted to explore how a company can leverage local intelligence and work together with its beneficiaries to create employment in a way that is yet unavailable in the traditional structure".

Due to the complete absence of public gatherings and celebrations during the pandemic, dressmakers have faced a myriad of challenges. Some have lost up to 70% of their business. Styched's app is an e ort to make a relevant platform to ease their struggles and revive the tailoring industry.

Kurshid Alam Kurshid is a tailor whose business was heavily hit by the pandemic. He had his own factory in Bihar and had moved to Bangalore in 2019. He had set up a factory here also, but had to close it due to lockdown in 2020. Expressing his hardships tailor Kurshid Alam Kurshid said "I faced hefty losses during the lockdown, my small factory was on the verge of shutting down.That's when I partnered with Sytched. Due to the stable and consistent orders, my artisans have work and I have been able to save my factory.

He added, We now provide approximately 100-150 pieces per day to the company from our factory. The greatest advantage of enlisting for this service is the lack of commitment a tailor needs to make to a single company; they are free to take up any other work during their engagement with our projects. They no longer have to depend on spring/ fall seasonal demands for business nor do they have the pressure of constantly seeking out new customers or retaining old ones.

"Earlier I had to go all around the city in search of work. Now that I've partnered with Styched, I have regular work and no longer have to roam the city looking for a break." said tailor Ishaque Mohammad. He used to work in a boutique and visit people's houses for work. Now he has been able to start his own setup and has been able to employ 3-4 members since he has started working with Styched.

Styched is an a ordable fast fashion brand, focused on sustainable clothing. They are a zero inventory , zero wastage apparel brand that is progressively expanding its global presence. They utilise automation equations in their factory's manufacturing process lines. Creating over 800 designs per week, ranging from tshirts, polos, hoodies to tops, dresses etc.

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