Keep politics out of the Triple Talaq issue

The day before the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP waxed eloquent on the Triple Talaq Bill in Parliament, saffron bullies confronted a group of Muslims offering namaz prayers at a park in Noida, UP

30 Dec 2018, 03:33 AM IST
An amazing world of entrepreneurship
28 Dec 2018, 11:23 PM IST

Indians suffer unfair pay gap in UK

Indians along with other black and Asian minorities in the UK face an unfair pay gap in comparison to their white counterparts, according to a new report released on Thursday The R
27 Dec 2018, 11:25 PM IST

The IL&FS imbroglio: Lessons to be learnt

The nation got alerted when the unpaid workers of Ethiopia took seven staff members of the joint venture operating in that country hostage early this month It is hard to imagine th
27 Dec 2018, 11:22 PM IST

When stars return as politicians

A few months prior to every election in the southern states, a very heightened sense of curiosity and speculation envelops the media across various platforms This is not confined t
27 Dec 2018, 03:42 AM IST

Sidhu charts his own course

You may love him, hate him or love to hate him but you cannot ignore him Cricketerturnedpolitician, Navjot Singh Sidhu, has never been far from controversies, even hogging the lime
27 Dec 2018, 01:34 AM IST

Liquidity crunch, affordable housing mark Indian realty’s revival year

The year turned out to be an eventful one for the Indian real estate marked by the improvement in sales and its return to stability after the double blow of GST and demonetisation
27 Dec 2018, 01:29 AM IST

As India moves forward, it needs to learn from the past

India is an elaborate mix of contradictions and complexities It is rare to find other countries in the world that embrace such an extraordinary diversity of religions, a multitude
26 Dec 2018, 12:13 AM IST

Need for a balanced state development model

It is reported in the newspapers that in a recent cabinet meeting Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh directed for establishment of a financial district within Amravati the capital ci
26 Dec 2018, 12:02 AM IST

Train-18 green signal for commercial run-with caveats

The Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety CCRS has given his clearance a must for the commercial run of any new service for the launch of Train18, Indias first Trainset, which rec
25 Dec 2018, 12:58 AM IST

Illegal detention is antithesis to Rule of Law

The Supreme law of the land, the Constitution of India, has guaranteed fundamental rights to the individuals under Part III from Articles 1235 These fundamental rights were incorpo
25 Dec 2018, 12:52 AM IST

Transgender bill highlight of social justice ministry in 2018

The passage of a longpending bill on transgender rights in the Lok Sabha towards the fag end of the year was the main highlight of 2018 for the Social Justice and Empowerment Minis
24 Dec 2018, 12:54 AM IST

KCR, Chandrababu Naidu set the agenda for 2019 polls

Two South Indian leaders are out to play a major role at the centre Are they on mission impossible or are they in striking distance of success First, it was AP chief minister N Cha
24 Dec 2018, 12:47 AM IST

The myth surrounding the urban Indian woman

Much frenzy has been created around Indias declining female labour force In 2017, the International Labour Organisation ILO estimated this at 272 per cent, lower than its neighbour
23 Dec 2018, 03:15 AM IST

Is Mamata scared of the BJP?

For a leader who enjoys a huge majority in the state assembly and faces virtually no credible challenge from her opponents, Mamata Banerjee is surprisingly insecure Her uncertainty
23 Dec 2018, 03:09 AM IST

Gandhi’s writings find new home in South Africa

Over 3,000 books written by renowned writers across the globe, including 12 volumes of collected works of Mahatma Gandhi, amassed over six decades by an Indianorigin family has fou
21 Dec 2018, 11:42 PM IST

Coalition politics, tragedies dominate Karnataka in 2018

A highoctane assembly poll, a thrilling government formation exercise filled with nail biting twists and turns, and neverending coalition worries encapsulated 2018 in Karnataka, wh
21 Dec 2018, 11:38 PM IST

Harnessing the potentiality of the Food Processing Units to Generate Employment in the Uttara Andhra Needs Commitment

Out of 10 million populations inhabiting Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram and Vishakhapatnam, 73 in Srikakulam, 80 in Vijayanagaram, and 94 in Vishakhapatnam are 18 60 old and they are ca
21 Dec 2018, 06:14 PM IST

UP remains hotbed of politics

Uttar Pradesh lived up to its reputation of being a hotbed of politics with the BJP and other saffron outfits keeping the Ayodhya issue alive and the opposition testing its mahagat
21 Dec 2018, 02:30 AM IST

The ameliorators of political opinion

In the extant media enriched world, people get information from many sources At large, people do not seek information from only one source or medium The individuals have access to
20 Dec 2018, 11:37 PM IST

One World, One Market Strategy of DXN

DXN is an empire of almost a billion dollars, operating in 184 countries with more than seven million distributors, 1600 employees Its the worlds 24th largest Direct Selling Compan
20 Dec 2018, 11:34 PM IST

Stalin’s comment stirs a hornet’s nest

The wintry month of December has been countered exceedingly well by the sizzling political heat generated for sure, both during the acrimonious political campaigns from September a
20 Dec 2018, 04:22 AM IST

Top three predictions for humanoid robots in 2019

Sharp jawline, doebrown eyes and fluttery eyelashes Sophia, the worlds first AIpowered humanoid is quite a stunner with impressive features Besides looks, she boasts of an admirabl
20 Dec 2018, 02:10 AM IST

Can Rahul's Hinduism succeed where bogus secularism failed?

It will be impossible to resist the temptation of attributing Congress gains in the three northern states to Rahul Gandhis demonstrative adoption of Hinduism In some measure, that
20 Dec 2018, 02:07 AM IST

Biggest bank fraud, RBI Governor’s resignation in 2018

The year leading up to the 2019 general elections was defined by a slowdown in investment, slackening growth, falling GST revenues, the biggest bank fraud and a credit crunch that
19 Dec 2018, 01:35 AM IST

Will Mizoram touch new highs under Zoramthanga?

The landslide victory of Mizo National Front MNF, after the political hibernation and debacle of the party for one decade, in the recentlyconcluded state legislative elections of M
18 Dec 2018, 11:37 PM IST

The advantage of being in the driver’s seat

The last elections for Telangana were held in April May 2014 in the United State of Andhra Pradesh and accordingly the next elections in Telangana were due around same time in 2019
18 Dec 2018, 11:35 PM IST

No bureaucrats as CICs, please!

Without amending the Right to Information Act, it can be diluted effectively The Constitutional governance can be made ineffective by indirect methods without changing the basic st
18 Dec 2018, 01:54 AM IST

A game changer for farmers

Owes of farmers in India need not be over emphasised Recent agitation of farming community in India is a testimony to their plight A twilight in the darkness is the Rythu Bandhu sc
17 Dec 2018, 11:22 PM IST

It’s not just a son rise; it’s hard work that paid off

The new age politician K T Rama Rao is now the talk of the town At the age of 42, he appears to be full of energy and gives an impression that he is ready to take the reins of admi
16 Dec 2018, 11:37 PM IST

Arthur C Clarke: The satellite man

Going back in time, Indias first endeavour into the interplanetary space, Mars Orbiter Mission MOM, has been exploring and observing Mars surface features, morphology, mineralogy a
16 Dec 2018, 11:29 PM IST

Resilience against climate change in urban areas in sight

While cities cover only two per cent of the global land area, they contribute around 70 per cent of the global greenhouse emissions, one of the main drivers of climate change
16 Dec 2018, 03:20 AM IST

Dreams turn sour for regional satraps

Regional satraps, many of them pretenders to the Delhi throne, can stand aside and sulk for now The Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi has staged a spectacular comeback,
15 Dec 2018, 02:28 AM IST

Agrarian crisis behind BJP’s rout

The booting out of incumbent governments in three heartland States after the justconcluded elections to State Assemblies further stresses the deep distress in rural India, which Do
15 Dec 2018, 02:21 AM IST

It’s time KCR played a bigger role

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi TRS president K Chandrashekar Rao, having been elected as its Legislature Party Leader unanimously, swornin as Chief Minister of Telangana for a secon
14 Dec 2018, 02:58 AM IST

Want to double farm incomes? Promote mustard

The Indian government wants to double the income of farmers by 2022 A roadmap prepared by NITI Aayog outlines the rationale, strategy and action plan for achieving this commendable
13 Dec 2018, 11:45 PM IST

KCR is an enigma to supporters, critics

K Chandrashekhar Rao, who on Thursday took oath as Chief Minister of Telangana for a second consecutive term, remains an enigma for his supporters and critics alike From a rabblero
13 Dec 2018, 11:42 PM IST

Missing targets of Make in India

Having been voted to Power in 2014, the present government has taken a transform agenda for the development of the country It identified Transform, Energise and Clean TEC as the ma
13 Dec 2018, 11:38 PM IST