End of a saga! - Rambo: Last Blood

From the very first release of 'First Blood' to possibly the final one 'Rambo: Last Blood', the series comes to a full circle. Sylvester Stallone can only be admired for his gutsy spirit in delivering hit after hit throughout the 'Rambo' franchise. 'Rambo: Last Blood' is still a movie that could give the best action heroes a run for their money. The Rambo series has left a legacy of its own with its five audacious movies. 'First blood' (1982); 'Rambo: First Blood Part II' (1985); 'Rambo III' (1988); 'Rambo' (2008) and 'Rambo: Last Blood' (2019). The hiatus between the third movie and the fourth film is two decades, astounding, isn't it?! Yet, there's not a trace of the audience losing their steam for Rambo-craziness! However, the fifth instalment, which is considered to be different from others, is hogging the limelight, much against the critics' predictions.

How is 'Rambo: Last Blood' different

The movie doesn't hurry down the beaten path but sidesteps Rambo's routine gun-wielding fights with the armies and brings to fore ferocity and viciousness that's unseen so far. Unlike its other movies, in this one, there's drama created to touch the audiences' hearts. To an extent, one could feel the poignant humane connect and Rambo's emotional cravings to exonerate himself of the war ghosts of his past! The father-daughter relationship builds a subtle rapport with the audiences and the pain of daughter wandering off is quite palpable.

The drift

'Last Blood's plot, though loosely and predictably strung, holds the audiences' attention with several captivating features. Few moviegoers are debunking the originality of the movie's plot, comparing it to two other 'English' movies. They could be on mark to some extent, but one can't take away the soul of the movie that puts Rambo in fiery action, which the audience loves to bits. At 73, Rambo is fit as a fiddle and knows how to deliver a death-punch with military ease. There's no telling, he looks his age. The bulging veins and the stagger in the walk somehow can't hide it. But one doesn't sense he is up against the odds when putting into violent action against svelte young men.

The twist in the tale

All it takes is a shift in the winds. Rambo peacefully lives on a ranch in Arizona. He resides with a family friend, Maria (Andriana Barraza) along with her teenaged granddaughter Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal), who is like an adopted daughter to Rambo. But, Rambo's daughter, acting against his advice, gives him a slip and goes to Mexico to meet her actual father – who doesn't want her back. When she doesn't return, Rambo gets into gear to trace and bring her back. Will he get her back? This question drives the story forward.

Rambo's guerilla tactics!

When the drug lords underestimate Rambo's prowess and leave him with a mark on his face instead of killing him, one can only pray death comes sweetly to them. But, nah, it doesn't. Revenge-taking is what seems to be flowing in Rambo's blood veins. Rambo decapitates the head of a drug lord and trails the road with blood towards his home. The drug cartel falls for this and arrives at his doorstep to seek revenge.

It's too late for the loony goons to realize the whole ranch is rigged. The tunnels Rambo builds meticulously become a hunting ground – to trap, hunt and prey. At which game, Rambo excels. Will the fight go in Rambo's favour is what makes for a nail-biting finish!

The conclusion

The movie 'Rambo: Last Blood' has more brutality and intensity than any other movie in the series. What starts as a slow-going movie, turns into a bloodbath, leaving behind the carnage of bodies. Will Rambo die? Or will he live to do another 'Rambo' movie... are few things that are sure to bother restless souls. Whatever critics say, one must view this movie to witness Rambo's chaste action. It's a flick definitely worth a watch.

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