Water: The elixir of life

Water: The elixir of life

Water forms a major part of the body's constitution, so in times like this when it is the need of the hour to keep our body healthy and ready to fend o...

Water forms a major part of the body's constitution, so in times like this when it is the need of the hour to keep our body healthy and ready to fend off any bacteria or virus, reach out to the simple water

We all are sitting at home during this crisis period that we are facing world over. I need to emphasize to you the importance ofwater which is really the elixir of life during this time!

Water plays many roles in our survival as it ensures smooth functioning of all body systems. What I love most about this simple, yet essential beverage is that it provides our bodies with all the minerals it needs to build a strong and efficient wall of immunity.

Most of us are at home, so just don't forget that by the hour one should drink a glass of water, in between gargle with warm water and sip on it too. Plus, summer is coming and as the temperature rises outside;your body will get dehydrated without you realizing it. That is why I always tell my clientsto drink a lot of waterthough the day especially in the summer months to prevent dehydration so every organ and every cell of your body gets the water to maintain balance and survive.

To breathe freely you need to keepthe ear nose and throat moist and here is where water plays an important role.

Dry eyes syndrome increases when we are constantly online and most of us in the CoVid situation are online. Drinking water will keep the eyes refreshed and prevent the onset of this syndrome.

Therefore, be mindful and make water your best friend and drink it through the day. It is one of the healthiest fuels for the body. To be safe and healthy, simply follow my guidelines and notice the surge of energy you will have!

Few more benefits of drinking water

It flushes out every toxinthat might already be present in our bodies and dissolves the impurities thus cleaning the body.

♥ It is essential for digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination, which allow our bodies to be clean and thus energizing us.

♥ It increases the strength of our immune system, keeping any and all illnesses, flus and ailments away from our systems.

♥ It helps keep our body temperature in control.

♥ It maintains the pH balance thus ensuring we are in an alkaline state and not acidic.

♥ If you are tired physically or mentally, reach out to water it is an instant pick-me-up.

♥ Drinking water to prevent bloating and water retention.

♥ However simplistic this may sound but "let thirst be your guide". When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first as often, as you may confuse the thirst and hunger signals.

♥ Gargle with hot water and natural salt as it helps keep your throat clean preventing sore throat.

Infusing water with certain fruits,vegetables and herbs can make drinking water fun.

So if you get a chance to lay your hands on the following ingredients try some of the ways I infuse my water":

♥ Water can be infused with cucumber slices or mint leaves or some lemon juice squeezed in.

♥ Water can be infused with fruits like orange slices or watermelon pieces.

♥ Water can be infused with rose petals.

♥ Warm water can be infused with juice from fresh ginger root or a bit of dried ginger powder(Soonth).

♥ Warm water can be infused with herbs like tulsi especially if it grows in your kitchen garden.

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