US-based Indian's Telugu song goes viral

Telugu song

US-based Indian's Telugu song goes viral


Telugu song: Debut Single 'Thappipoyaane' surpassed 100k+ streams! It is the first Telugu R&B song in the Telugu music industry


A global musician in true sense, Dhanesh, a US-based Indian, who has ventured into the Telugu music space for the first time, has a dream to elevate, innovate and create new avatars, while introducing Telugu music into the global pop music space. His debut single, 'Thappipoyaane' which gives a glimpse into what this new R&B artist could offer, was a roaring success. His 'Pana i Patu', an upbeat Telugu Pop/Hip Hop track was launched on June 12 across the streaming platforms.

In a short span of time, Dhanesh caught the eyeballs from both fans and labels globally. He has been signed by Believe, a leading digital distributor and services provider for independent artists and labels worldwide.

Sharing about how he spent his lockdown, Dhanesh says, "Nothing has changed in my schedule. I took this time to build knowledge, focus further on myself and getting everything ready to release Pani Patu. Quarantine really helped me stay more focused as it eliminated all the unnecessary distractions."

'Pani Patu' is a kind of an anthem, for the youth. It is written to resonate with the youngsters today. The song encourages the younger generation and anyone that dreams of attaining huge goals in life. There are many who are tired fighting for their dreams. This is for everyone who is trying to build a better life for themselves.

He says, "When I start working on a song, I look at it as if it's an empty canvas with no restrictions. Once I create a loop with an instrument such as a guitar, rhodes, synth or piano, I use the loop as my base and I start coming up with melodies for the lyrics/vocals. This allows me to freely write and sing the way I want. There's no particular time for me when it comes to practicing. I just sing and practice throughout the day while I'm doing other things."

"However, I believe I'm creating my own sound and genre with my Telugu Music. Right now, I can't really compare my music to anyone in the Telugu Music Industry. I'm an entrepreneur as well as an artist. I entered into business when I was 14-year-old and since then, I've always looked for ways to build and grow in my own way. But I can't imagine myself not pursuing music," adds Dhanesh.

With Pani Patu, he would have dropped two singles thus far. He has one more single coming up and then an EP of ten songs will be releasing. He is also planning an intimate live show in Hyderabad, hopefully before the year ends or in early 2021 post the EP release.

"My vision behind my music is to elevate the sound of Telugu music. I want people to hear my music and connect with it, regardless of whether they understand the language. That comes through the sounds, the production, the vibe — that's what my music stands for," concludes Dhanesh.

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