Vital skills required for India's graduates

Vital skills required for Indias graduates

The ‘India Skills Report 2019’ states that employability of engineering graduates continue to remain high as compared to other domains, while there is a decline in hiring of MBA candidates.

The 'India Skills Report 2019' states that employability of engineering graduates continue to remain high as compared to other domains, while there is a decline in hiring of MBA candidates. As per the Report, there has been an increase in employable talent in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This trend can be seen despite of the lack of big institutions such as IITs/IIMs or any other renowned institutes in the tier 2 and 3 cities.

The report highlights that with the exponential increase in the number of MBA colleges the quality of talent is seen to be declining, which needs government attention. The employability of B.Pharma graduates has also declined by 12% since the previous year. Female employability has seen a positive change as compared to last year. It has increased to 46% this year, an eight percentage point change since the previous report. Male employability score has grown only by one percentage point and is now at 48%.

Apart from domain expertise, organisations prefer to hire candidates with better communication skills and those ready to learn and adapt to changing business environment. Almost 60% of recruiters feel that the right quality candidate is not available. As per the survey, 63% of respondents feel that only "Some job seekers" or "No" job seekers meet the required skills.

On the one hand, we have lakhs of graduates passing out from colleges with degrees and termed unemployable due to lack of relevant skills. On the other hand, we have many skilled candidates looking for employment but the industry still wants them to be at least a graduate with updated skills.

According to report, it emphasized 10 important skills India's graduates currently lack to enter the job market.


In the present scenario, companies are searching for candidates having the ability to multi-tasking skills. The demand for multi-skilled personnel is on the rise with the advancements in professional sector. Companies are hiring for candidates possessing expertise in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, Design, Analytics, Research and Development. Of which design jobs would be the most in demand (23% of employers plan to hire for design jobs).

Troubleshoot Skills

Companies are looking for candidates who can solve the problem and work independently in the times of crisis. So, candidates require possessing the skill of troubleshooting skills that requires a logical and analytical approach to solve the critical problems facing by the companies. The candidates must see the trouble shoot from different angles in times of crisis can make a difference for you during the hiring process.

Strong Command on Accounting and Finance Skills

The hiring companies are looking for the Graduates with expertise from all kinds of disciplines like accounting and financing and deal the problems efficiently to solve them in the time of crisis. In addition to expertise in their domain subjects like mathematics, but one should be comfortable with understanding numbers in the process with a vision to improve the present and future of your clients. Understanding complex tasks, tools required for calculation and interpreting the tax regulations, maintaining balance sheets and logs with accuracy help one succeed in the domains.

Use of Social Media

Today, the social media platforms are popular that are being used by personal as well professional to promote their business and ideas, business processes largely require people who have a thorough understanding of the social media, especially in understanding markets, consumers and services. Expertise in handling the social media platforms is a must-have skill to excel at work.

Networking skills

The candidates should possess networking skills to build strong relationships and connections to the companies for applying jobs. A network of professional friends may help you scour a good job. As of today, the social media has helped people to connect and build relationships.

Technical skills

In the age of information and cutting edge Technology era, possessing computer skills and communication technology is the basic requirement for any kind of employment the candidates are looking for. Employers expect new recruits to be proficient in computer literacy despite the companies holding on the job-specific software training.

Willingness to learn

Updation of skills in the changing scenario of job market and adapt of new skills is must for candidates seeking for jobs and they should be ready to absorb new skills at any given time. The employers want people who can grow and learn as changes occur. New skill set is must for surviving, improving and achieving success in the career.

Team Player

From time to time the candidates should acquire the knowledge of problem solving skills and they should be ready to be a team leader, as many jobs involve working in one or more groups. It is the teamwork that helps any organization drive towards the success. The companies look for candidates who can bring out the best in others.

Entrepreneurial Skills

The candidates must possess the entrepreneurial skills helps them in identifying the gaps exists in the organizations business approach and suggest ways to improve it. Candidates need to be acquainted with basic business model of companies and having such skill may have chances of recruiting by hiring managers.

Vocational Skills

Keep updation of latest industry trends and gaining knowledge in a specific domain and gaining command over languages and act upon with client's needs are prerequisite skills for graduates that lead to achieve the desired goals set in life.

Apart from above, today startups are flourishing, so create your own idea and develop it as business.If you are able to pitch your idea in your desired market, you are good to go.

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