Eat, Click, Trip is the Mantra

Eat, Click, Trip is the Mantra

Eat, Click, Trip is the Mantra


Shagun was born in Nagpur and also finished his education from there. For him, travelling was always first and travelled for food

Shagun was born in Nagpur and also finished his education from there. For him, travelling was always first and travelled for food.

Shagun shares, "From Nagpur, I used to travel to Bombay for a day just to eat food. Initially I worked in tech Mahindra, earned some money and resigned my job after which I decided that I need to travel now. I travel for my passion and also for people who want information from what I post."

He started blogging in 2015 when Instagram had just come. However, he started travelling even before And was active on Facebook earlier. In fact, he was one of the very first profiles on Facebook in 2006. He used to write lengthy captions for the pictures on Facebook. He was always travelling and wouldn't even care for Instagram. He briefs people even now that, he is the most anti-Instagram person you'll see.

"In engineering, me and my other friends went for a wedding in Delhi. That is when we realised, we can travel on our own without parents. I always tell people that I thank Ranbir Kapoor and Khanna for queen. Because queen put out girl solo-travelling. Before that, there's no reference for girl solo-travelling. Ranbir Kapoor keeps travelling in all of his films," says the Hyderabadi blogger.

Shagun has always believed on 'why write and waste time when you can actually be out doing it'. After 10 years when the memories start to fade, you need something to log it all in clearly. Hence for all the traveling, food and bike rides, these(blogging) are the memories he want to keep.

when asked about what would he liked to becomy, If not a blogger, he assures that he would still be travelling.?

He adds, "Till you can travel, you are a blogger. Now even I can't find a proper niche. One day I post about food, about travelling and the other day about that cockroach hit. Even after 5 years of blogging, I can't choose a niche but, I have to pay my bills and I can't say no to them. I was always conscious and aware of my surroundings. In India, Ladakh is like heaven. In 2009, I spent 48 days in Ladakh biking. I always travel random. Its only about how much money I have. It's never about the days. In Ladakh if you get into a café and say you don't have money and you are hungry; they'll give you food. They are the sweetest people in the world. They don't cheat, they don't lie. Even when you travel alone in other countries, people will help you."

Best memory down the Lane

During his Amritsar trip in 2008, he met a woman from Poland whose camera battery was dead. He gave her, his battery and she said she's going to Dharamshala, McLeod Ganj. It sounded fancy and Shagun said he would go along. We went there, she stayed back and then he went to Manali, where he met a glacier scientist, who was going on a hike. He bought shoes, jacket and they had food, tents and everything. After coming back, he met another woman from Poland, who was going to Ladakh. He picked up the bike and they travelled for around 48 days.

Impact on people

When a girl or boy says they want to go on a solo trip, he will be like go, go, go. He had people call their parents and ask him to talk to them. He disagrees when someone says a girl can't travel alone because it's not safe. The normal roots of safety hold anywhere in the world. If you are coming out at night after 12, be it India or Italy, there are chances you get mugged up. It happens everywhere. "Only do it if you super passionate. Stick to what you love, not what looks fancy. Don't do travel blogging because it looks fancy. Because once you are on the road, its super tough. The basic thing in travelling is you don't judge someone. Nothing can offend you. And you are not caring about anything," ends the blogger.

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