Here is how you can go green this Diwali

Here is how you can go green this Diwali

Few tips to go green this Diwali.

New Delhi: Diwali, the festival of lights comes along with lots of shopping, sweets, exchange of gifts, bursting of crackers. Amongst all the celebration, joy and fervour, we unconsciously leave a dire effect on the environment.

The consequences caused to the environment following the bursting of crackers are long-lasting. Go green this Diwali by following small steps:

Ditch Firecrackers:

Foreseeing the effect of the bursting of firecrackers that contain harmful chemical compounds that are full of poisonous gases and heavy metals, the Government of India has come up with the idea of environment-friendly firecrackers that cause 30 per cent less pollution and there is a slot fixed of two hours for bursting firecrackers on Diwali. Also, the smoke emitted by the burning of firecrackers augments the level of harmful gases.

Use traditional lighting:

Instead of using LED lights to light up homes. One can go for traditional diyas (oil lamps). Flickering lamps look better too. LED lights are made of plastics and consume electricity as well. Whereas lighting traditional diyas not only just save electricity but also add up to the economy.

Use natural colours:

Use natural colours rather than using chemical colours while making Rangoli. One can use flowers such as marigold, jasmine, roses, and lilies to suit the festive ambience of Diwali pooja.

Use eco-friendly shopping bags:

Diwali comes with lots of shopping. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable and also add up to pollution. One can either use cotton bags for shopping or use the plastic bags that they already have. Paper is also an eco- friendly alternative, one can use paper as gift wrap.

Gift plants:

The pressure of buying a good Diwali gift for our loved ones is overwhelming. It is difficult to pick something that has utility and value. While most of us resort to sweet or dry fruits. But, as people becoming health conscious these days, gifting these is also becoming obsolete. Go Green and gift plants this Diwali. These little friends not only clean air but add up to the beauty and decor of homes.

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