Better the world around you

Better the world around you

A river needs two banks to flow. The difference between flood and a normal river is that water flow is regulated in a river.

A river needs two banks to flow. The difference between flood and a normal river is that water flow is regulated in a river. During floods, water has no direction. Similarly, the energy in our life needs some direction to flow. Today, most people are confused because there is no direction in life. When we are happy, there is a great deal of life-energy in us; but when it is not channelised, it gets stuck. When it stagnates, it rots. For life-energy to move in a direction, commitment is essential.

Life runs with commitment. If we observe all small or big things in life, they go with certain commitment. A student takes admission in a school or college with a commitment. Needless to say, a family runs on commitment: mother is committed to the child, child is committed to the parents, husband is committed to wife, and wife is committed to husband. Greater the commitment more is the authority and things become easier. Smaller commitments suffocate us because our capacity is much more.

When we take up multiple tasks and if one of them goes wrong, we can focus on other jobs so we are less affected by the failure of that particular job. On the other hand, if we take up a single task and if that goes wrong, our working is greatly affected. Usually, we base our commitment on resources. On experiential level, if we take up bigger commitments, resources are attracted automatically.

Whatever we are committed to brings us strength. If you are committed to your family then your family supports you, if you are committed to society, you enjoy the support of society. Commitment will always bring comfort in the long run. One should make a commitment to make this world a better place to live.

Abiding in the self, you become the valentine for the whole world. Spirit is the valentine of matter, and matter is the valentine of spirit. They are made for each other. They uphold each other. If you do not respect the spirit, then the matter is not pleased. If you honor the spirit then you will care for the world, and when you care for the world it will take care of you.Unless you have a dream, you cannot realise it. Every invention has come out of a dream. Dream the impossible. Obviously, dreaming employs something which is beyond your perceived capacity. Consider the faculty which is the preceptor of the dream. Some dreams have impacted your daily living and others have not. Some dreams you remember, and others you have forgotten.

We are all born in this world to do something wonderful and unique; don't let this opportunity pass by. Give yourself the freedom to dream and think big. Have the courage and determination to achieve those dreams that are dear to you. Many a time people who dreamt big were ridiculed, but they remained strong to achieve their goals.

Do something creative. Not a year should pass without doing something creative.

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