Deepthi Sunaina
Deepthi Sunaina

Bigg Boss Season 2 entered the tenth week. So far, the contestants who were eliminated from the show proved to be the weak contestants. The latest addition is Deepthi Sunaina. Even before the episode's telecast is completed, the news is already out.

The sources close to Bigg Boss TV show organizers revealed that Deepthi Sunaina was eliminated from the house. Pooja Ramachandran, Roll Rida, and Deepthi Sunaina were in the nominated zone on Sunday. Nani announced that Pooja is in the safe zone first and continued the process of eviction with Roll and Deepthi. Roll Rida was confident that he will be protected as he played well in the previous week and became the captain of the house.

In the end, Nani asked Deepthi to pack her bags. We have to wait for the episode's telecast to know the Bigg Bomb task.

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