Choice for CBSE students to answer tough or easy paper
Choice for CBSE students to answer tough or easy paper

Hyderabad: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has provided major relief to the students of the All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) from the Academic Session ending March 2020 onwards introducing two levels of mathematics examination. 

Referring to the National Curriculum Framework (NCF), 2005, Dr Joseph Emmanuel, Director (Academics) of CBSE said the ‘Position Paper’ by the National Focus Group on Examination Reforms (NFGER) said that students should have the choice of picking one of two levels within that subject. As per NCF, not only the two levels of examinations cater to different kinds of learners, it also allows different levels of testing. Besides, it would also reduce overall stress levels.

Emmanuel said that it is well known that students experience stress before and during their most ‘difficult’ subject examination. It was keeping in view of this important aspect and as evidenced by the board results, a decision has been taken to introduce two levels of examination in mathematics for the students who are going to appear in the board examination for the academic session ending March 2020 onwards, he added. Accordingly, the two levels of examination will be held in the subject of mathematics in the board examination for Class X in 2020 and the same shall not be applicable to the internal assessment in Class X.

"There shall not be two levels of assessment/ examination for Class IX. The first level would be the same as the existing one, and the other would be an easier level," he said. The nomenclature for the two examinations will be, Mathematics- Standard for the existing level of examination, and Mathematics- Basic for the easier level of examination. The syllabus, classroom teaching and internal assessment for both the levels of examination would remain the same. 

In turn, this will help the students get an opportunity to study the whole range of topics throughout the year and will be able to decide upon the level of board examination depending upon their aptitude and abilities. The Director said that the standard level will be meant for students who wish to opt for mathematics at the senior secondary level and the basic level would be for students not keen to pursue mathematics at higher levels.

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