"OK Google" Commands Become More Human

“OK Google” Commands Become More Human

“OK Google” Commands Become More Human


The Google Assistant does not need the "Hey Google" wake word for two basic functions. Users can command normally on alarms and calls.

The Google Assistant is easily the smartest of its kind and with new features being added frequently, it only gets easier to adapt in our lives. However, it doesn't sound too smart when you have to use the "Hey Google" trigger word for each function or response. Google also agreed and is now coming up with a way to make the process more humane.

According to a report by XDA Developers, it appears that Google is rolling out the Quick Phrases feature in phases. The feature was seen on a Pixel 3 XL device running on Android 12 beta with the latest Google app update.

No more "Ok Google" needed

Before using this feature, you need to enable it from the Google app. The Quick Phrases feature appears in the Google search application. As of now, there are only two functions that can take advantage of this feature; calls and alarms.

Once enabled, you won't have to use the call word "Hey Google" while handling these features. For example, if the alarm sounds, you can simply say "Stop" or "Snooze" to silence it; no more adding "Hey / OK Google" in front of it. Similarly, for calls, you can simply say "Answer" to receive a call and "Reject" to reject a call.

Google itself says that the feature can accidentally eavesdrop on you if you are not aware of an incoming call. Therefore, you will need to keep an eye on your phone so as not to give it unintentional wrong commands. While the screen is on, the notification request will be accompanied by the suggestion command.

However, these are not just the only commands that will be added to Quick Phrases. Google had already announced that a couple of new commands will be added to the function. "Cancel the alarm," "Send a broadcast," "What's the weather?", "Turn up the volume," and "Pause the music."

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