Excuse us Imran, Modi has better things to do!

Excuse us Imran, Modi has better things to do!
Narendra Modi and Imran Khan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come back from a long trip of the United Nations with an 'impressive' show in Houston during 'Howdy Modi' event and...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come back from a long trip of the United Nations with an 'impressive' show in Houston during 'Howdy Modi' event and after delivering a meaningful and respectable speech at the UN against terrorism.

In comparison to it, Imran Khan, delivered a wayward speech drafting most of the content from the jihadi groups. Though it is regrettable that the neighbour's mindset is such, there is very little that one could do about it. That is because, Pakistan's rulers are not supposed to use their grey matter even if they have some.

Even if Imran Khan wants to be a peace messenger to India and the world, he could not deviate from the Pakistan Army and the ISI script. So his job is now not to look into his country's problems but to disrupt the normalcy process in Kashmir.

In fact, it is the only job that he has now. He can be expected to give his best shot to it anyway. But, for Narendra Modi, there are several other challenges. Kashmir is of course, his priority. He needs to restore normalcy despite Pakistan's diabolic plans.

In addition, he has to take on the new anti-India triad, Turkey-China-Malaysia too. Turkey is all set to help Pakistan in its Kashmir plans, including in helping it to modernise its forces. Economy, job creation, industrial growth and other developmental aspects too are awaiting Modi's full attention.

But Modi should not lower the guard even for a minute because what Pakistan now warns India is of a jihad. No greater proof of Pakistan's terror nature is required now to understand that be it Imran Khan, Masood Azhar, Hafiz Sayeed or Osama Bin Laden who is no more, are students of the same school and speak the same language - that of terror.

It is really remarkable to note that Pakistan has this capacity of electing term after term, such terrorists to head the governments. Who else uses terms like 'bloodbath' and 'jihad' other than terrorists? He was rather parroting the speeches of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) leader Mufti Rauf Asghar or Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) leader Talha Saeed who deliver these types of speeches from the Shaheed Chowk of Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Just a few days before Imran Khan's UN speech, Hafiz Saeed's son Talha said, 'jihad fi sabilillah (jihad in the name of Allah) would unite Muslims. And in the same breath, a younger brother of Masood Azhar, Talha Saif, said Afghanistan and Kashmir both are awaiting jihad and it is time the Muslims of the world including those in India take to guns.

One Pakistani Minister has gone ahead and admitted that his country had spent millions on JuD which is a banned organisation - at least on paper. It is a manifold job for Modi while a singular agenda confronts Imran Khan.

So, while, Modi needs to take care of both the internal and external affairs, Pakistan feels it can survive on Kashmir issue alone. Just secure the borders further and look into other aspects. After all, Modi got better things to do unlike Imran Khan.

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