The power house of energy - B12

The power house of energy - B12

Most of us need to be concerned about vitamin B12.

Most of us need to be concerned about vitamin B12.

Also called 'Cobalamin', this soluble vitamin has a key role in the normal functioning of our brain and the nervous system, as well as the formation of red blood cells.

Neither fungi, nor plants or animals are capable of producing vitamin B12.

Only bacteria can manufacture this vitamin, as only bacteria have the enzymes needed for its synthesis.

Meat and dairy products contain bacteria as they are decaying substances.

However, prolonged consumption of meat and dairy can result in the inability to absorb vitamin B12 by the intrinsic cells in the stomach.

Our super hygienic lifestyles, microwaves, mobile phones and their towers, and the consumption of alcohol further reduce our B12 levels.

These days almost everyone is prone to vitamin B12 deficiency unless foods fortified with this vitamin are regularly consumed.

Given the fact that lack of vitamin B12 leads to multiple problems, including stroke and heart attack, it's essential for everyone to test their levels regularly and to supplement if necessary.

Six symptoms to indicate Vitamin B12 deficiency:

  1. Weakness, tiredness or lack of energy.
  2. Anaemia.
  3. Acidity & weight loss.
  4. Nerve problems like numbness or tingling, muscle weakness and problems in walking.
  5. Vision loss.
  6. Mental problems like depression, memory loss or behavioural changes, anxiety, irritability.
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