Bengaluru: Counterfeit notes identified in traffic violation fines collected by cops

Counterfeit notes identified in traffic violation fines collected by cops

Counterfeit notes identified in traffic violation fines collected by cops


Officials shelling out money from their own pocket to replace them

Bengaluru: The city traffic police have recently noticed that counterfeit notes are being found from the fines collected from people who violate the traffic rules. Now this has been a cause of worry to traffic police.

While the density of vehicle traffic is common in the city the number of traffic violators too are increasing. Traffic cops are responsible for penalising them. The traffic police are collecting fines from violators by stopping the vehicles on the road and at important places.

Some of the people who are being caught by the police are giving counterfeit notes to pay their traffic violation fines. In a hurry to handover receipts to the traffic violators, the police are forgetting to cross check the currency notes. Counterfeit notes were found when the money was handed over to senior officials.

The officer who has collected the traffic violation fines, is now tearing down the forged notes and giving the original notes. They are actually shelling out money from their pockets.

As per the suggestion of senior officials, we will collect the traffic violation fines from certain places. We check the vehicle when there are violations of the rules (such as not wearing a helmet, signal jump, using mobile while driving). We will collect fines from the drivers. One of the sub inspectors of the traffic department said that few people are giving counterfeit notes and cheating.

'The currency notes issued for fines are not cross-checked. We believe the people and collect it' the official said. He added that the forged notes were being traced back only when the money was being handed over to others. The counterfeit notes of Rs 500, Rs 2,000 have been identified several times. He also said that the notes were destroyed and the matching amount was paid by them.

An officer of the traffic department said: 'Staff are instructed to inspect the note while collecting the fines. He also said that instructions of legal action should be taken against those caught and involved in these counterfeit notes'.

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