MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th October 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 25th October 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 25th October 2021


Maoist Ramakrishna who died of dysfunctions of several vital organs of the body is a hard core activist in the group and incidental in bomb blasts in which people and police lost their lives. Sometimes peaceful atmosphere was made peace less to identify their presence.

Maoist, not a martyr

Maoist Ramakrishna who died of dysfunctions of several vital organs of the body is a hard core activist in the group and incidental in bomb blasts in which people and police lost their lives. Sometimes peaceful atmosphere was made peace less to identify their presence.

Their revolutionary methods of achieving a people's state can never be accomplished as this fact is not unknown to them. Embracing Maoist group knowing fully well the involvement of risk to life at any time by the unemployed, and the ignorant is because of thinking it as a source of survival in life.

Youth consider themselves as heroes and heroines. Ramakrishna in these lines attracted numerable youngsters.

He participated in a truce meeting with former combined AP CM Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy as a Maoist representative, but it resulted in fiasco. He escaped many police encounters due to his three tier encapsulating protection force.

There is cash award on his head. Quoting him as a martyr is quite disheartening. Of course, so called urban naxalites may not agree. But truth cannot be erased or defied or denied.

Dr NSR Murthy,Secunderabad

A 'Whistle Podu' performance by CSK

The confidence of level of Chennai Super Kings was rather high in the second leg of IPL and that was clearly vindicated in the end result of the cash rich tournament. The writing was on the wall when the Chennai based team was made to bat first and put up a 190 plus total.

The captaincy lacked imagination and the best efforts by the bowlers were negated by the poor fielding efforts including the seasoned Dinesh Karthik. KKR allowed all the batters to prosper and both Gaikwad and du Plessis did manage a sound start and the momentum was maintained by both Uthappa and Moen Ali and it was a dramatic turn around after a steady start. The bowling of KKR appeared ordinary and their hero in the last match, Tripathi got injured before his chance for batting came.

KKR began very well and instead of picking a pinch hitter like Russel, the team preferred the pedestrian approach of Shakib Al Hassan and paid the price for the blunder. But for the openers, the other batters saw a regular procession of wickets and the end was in sight. In the absence of a pinch hitter after the loss of the first wicket, wickets started falling like ninepins and KKR lost by 27 runs in the end without much semblance of fight. Shardul Thakur made a match of Venkatesh Iyer and dismissed Rana soon after. The end was in sight despite a late order resistance. Thus, the Kings rode over the Knight in the supremacy for the IPL title.

C K Subramaniam, Mumbai

'Thala' Dhoni triumphs

Thala Dhoni gets better with age. After a dismal 2020 IPL season, he had promised the CSK fans that they would bounce back. And how. What an amazing season they have had. Despite what all the critics said, they continued with the same old and tired legs – they did not change the squad too much – managed to get some of the youngsters like Rituraj Gaikwad to shine – and the Captain single handedly took them to the finals with a typical Dhoni finish. And winning the IPL for the fourth time.

This is what winners do. This is what great leaders do. They bounce back from setbacks and convert the setback to a template for success. Hats off Dhoni. I truly hope and pray that as the Mentor for the Indian T20 world cup squad, you are able to replicate your magic and lead India to another World cup win. The empire bows down. Winner never quits.

M R Jayanthi, Coimbatore

Tackle coal crisis on a war-footing

As the nation stares at energy crisis due to shortage of coal supply to power plants across the country, it is baffling that centre appears to be not treating the issue with all seriousness it deserves by merely coming out to say that there is no shortage of coal even when several states have started experiencing power cuts and rest mulling power cuts due to depleting coal stocks.

On the contrary, Centre rejecting black out fears expressed by states outright instead of augmenting supply of coal to states to tide over the crisis only goes to show that it is insensitive to treat the matter on priority. In fact, when Centre is fully aware that power plants, the heart for survival of any economy is running short of coal and in tatters, its inability to meet the minimum requirement of coal to states at any cost tells the tale that politics and polls seem to be weighing high on priority for parties.

Consequently, this has triggered panic among people that worst scenario is not very far away if inaction continues. Further, rural areas bearing the brunt of power crisis with people forced to spend hours without electricity is unfortunate. In the midst of abject failure and mismanagement by authorities, question arises as to why the centre failed to anticipate the jump in demand and avert power crisis?

Merely coming out with a statement that the crisis is due to excess demand of coal by power plants but doing nothing to avert the coal crisis is shameful. Thus, when the fact remains that poor planning is the main reason behind the whole unfortunate and unforgettable episode, anyone questioning whether power crisis is real or exaggerated is illogical. However, sensing the urgency in order to ensure there are no power cuts in the state, Andhra Pradesh chief minister asking the state energy department to procure coal from all available sources is a right step forward to tide over the power crisis.

All in all, coal India scaling up supply of coal to power plants after states press alarm button forcing centre to act expeditiously, the Union Home Minister Amit Shah intervening immediately to see that no power plants face shortage of coal goes to show that the coal crisis is without any iota of doubt politicised to score brownie points ahead of impending polls instead of averting power crisis through better and prudent planning.

K R Srinivasan,Secunderabad

Real love can transform lives

It is truly an act of good gesture from the part of Muslim clerics in Kashmir Valley to issue exhortations to the Valley's majority Muslim community to help and do their bit towards protecting the lives and properties of minorities. Large gatherings were held in mosques and hospices across the Valley on Thursday as part of 12-day celebrations to mark Id Milad-un-Nabi, the observance of the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, which is commemorated in Rabi al-awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar.

The Imam of a Srinagar Mosque asked the Muslims to be friendly and compassionate with their non-Muslim neighbours, be it Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs or others. He said, "The holy Quran tells us our beloved Prophet Muhammad was sent as mercy to the worlds not just Muslims." He further said, "Therefore, killing an innocent person be it a Muslim or non-Muslim is a heinous crime."

In light of such exhortation from several Muslim clerics, it is the turn of Muslims to be friendly and compassionate towards non-Muslims. However, Muslims were living in an isolation besides being totally indifferent and impassioned without getting a zealous encouragement from their religious leaders to make positive interactions with non-Muslims till this eventful day. Perhaps, such an apathetic and indifferent attitude towards non-Muslims from Muslims could not break the ice and hence could not foster good relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. And now this aloofness must go henceforth and warm interactions between Muslims and non-Muslims must develop to dispel the divisive attitude.

Whereas, harping on the same but the other side of the topic, it is to be remembered that true Christians are the real trailblazers in cementing strong relations even between strangers, for all humans are equal and precious before God. The Bible says in John 1:12 & 13- "But as many as received him (Jesus Christ), to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name. Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God."

The Gospel of Matthew records Jesus' answer to a lawyer's question regarding the greatest commandment in the law-Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul and with all thy mind. And the second great commandment is 'Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.' (Mathew 22:37 & 39).

So, the second greatest commandment to all people of the world is to love our neighbour as ourselves. Just pond over the import of this commandment and how sublime it is! When you love yourself, you will be hundred percent truthful, faithful, honest, sincere and how earnest you would be to take care of yourself!

The same amount of love you would be giving to your neighbour- i.e., a perfect love - not an iota of distrust, treachery, hatred, violence, etc. So, I would say Muslims should start really loving their non-Muslim neighbours rather than be friendly or compassionate towards non-Muslims. Wonders will happen in such real love interactions, for in real love there is the power of transformation.

T K Nandanan, Kochi

Is the Opposition being irresponsible in our country?

One wonders if there is no need for any external agency to destabilise and weaken India, as the political parties in the Opposition are carrying out this job most efficiently in the country, working overtime. There is a constant and unfailing attack by these groups against every constructive and innovative move to improve redundant situations that are long neglected and deserve improvement.

The Opposition mentality to oppose everything that Centre comes out with is very dangerous. They are under the impression that their survival, and to be in the reckoning can be possible, only when they behave this way to deride the improvement and development agenda unfolded by the Centre. The recent move by the Centre, to give more power to the BSF, and expand BSF's area of activity to 50 kms, from the present range of 15kms, with more arbitrary powers to inspect and arrest, suspects without a magisterial warrant that was mandatory before, did not go well with these categories. They have no rational complaint against this move, except to allege that it is in violation of the federal structure of the country. It is interesting these complaints came from Punjab, West Bengal and Tamilnadu, whose shorelines are prone to threats.

These political groups are already busy preparing for the next general elections for 2024, without any solid proposal to convince voters, except to capture power, and rule which became a family business and routine exercise for most of the political parties TMC, Congress, RJD, SP, BSP, and DMK among others. In some cases the ego of some political leaders like Mamata Banerjee is so bloated that Durga idols are made in her image, in the recently ended Navarathra festivities in West Bengal. Mamata is now itching to become a national leader, to take the centre stage at the Centre, while she had no compunction to call some contestants who fought for MLA's post as outsiders.

The ongoing farmers' agitation is fast becoming a public nuisance in the country. The brutal killing of youth by the Nihangs on the Singhu border on the Vijayadashami day came as a shocker. It is time to disband this irresponsible gathering who have no constructive idea to suggest to improve the lot of farmers in the country, except to fight for opposition cause, in bringing down the efficiently functioning BJP government at the Centre.

The electorate in the country have a responsibility to see through the wicked designs of these political parties thriving in the country, who have no plan, agenda,programme to improve the country, except to create confusion and chaos by throwing spanners in the works. It is time for voters to clearly understand the vanity, and vain bid by these ilk to wreck the country, which must not be allowed at any cost.

K R Parvathy, Mysuru

China's sabre-rattling must be contained

China's territorial ambition continues unabated in Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, with a view to occupy more and more territory belonging to India; and alter the goal post of LAC to different points, to the consternation of India. The recent visit by the Vice President of India, M Venkaiah Naidu to Arunachal Pradesh did not go well with China, to say that Mr Naidu's visit to Arunachal Pradesh violated the status quo, as if the Vice President had visited some part that belonged to China. India strongly protested against such irrational and irresponsible observations by China and warned the country not to complicate things further.

China is now eyeing Taiwan more than ever, in the wake of Taiwan becoming stronger militarily. China's new threat to annex Taiwan, even if a military option is needed to achieve the goal, clearly indicates China's unabashed and unconcealed raw greed in playing havoc with independent peace loving countries that are minding their own business.

The 13th round of Corps Commander meeting between India and China, assumed a strange connotation this time around; when India hinted China to go back to the 2020, position on LAC , when China had occupied extra areas, beyond the LAC, and built permanent structures that India repeatedly opposed, and demanded their demolition. In short such meetings, apart from military interface between the two countries, are not yielding any tangible long-term solutions to the vexed border dispute with China..

China is well aware of India's growing military upgrade, and preparedness that was missing for a long time under the Congress rule, has spooked China. The new and proactive Government that is in place in the Centre, is leaving no stone unturned to make India stronger in every possible way, by introducing programmes in the country, like 'Make in India' in which private players are given a chance to take part in the country's defence production, to prove their mettle and creative edge that can come, by free thinking and unbridled support and encouragement.

Strategic partnership with like-minded democratic countries is a major step by India, in checkmating the ever growing territorial ambition by China. The Quad group of countries is seen as a positive move in this direction, in which military and naval advancements are pooled to counter the threat of bully China.

K R Venkata Narasimhan, Madurai

Save India from the iron grip of politicians, Babus

It is amazing that after a few days of rains 'smart cities' convert into 'a city of lakes.' Dengue and other illnesses make a vicious return even as the hospitals become places of intense chaos. Potholes, overflowing drains, stinking garbage, poor water supply, improper medical services are not an isolated phenomenon restricted to one state or region but are generally the story of our country.

Irrespective of which political party comes to rule at any level, it is a sad fact that the political and bureaucratic machinery of the country gets low marks after independence for public services. Despite holding enormous power, even today the citizens do not have standard amenities by way of public infrastructure: roads, schools, hospitals, sanitation, and water management to name a few. We need to search hard for a five-kilometre stretch of road without potholes anywhere in the country.

Efficiency and quality are still in the private sector of the country as the political-bureaucratic machinery equates only to corruption, inefficiency, and incompetence. This is not to deny the many brilliant politicians, bureaucrats, and public officials but they have always been individuals as the system stays intact.

Thomas DiLorenzo (The Problem with Socialism) says that every capitalistic and democratic society has some government owned monopolies like the post-office, railways, electricity, banks, police, firefighting, garbage collection, and so on. Experience and the numbers clearly indicate that they are always running in a loss. The 'Bureaucratic Rule of Two' holds that the 'unit cost of government service will be on average twice as high as a comparable service offered in the competitive private sector.'

Profits, losses, and deliverance of quality manages the private sector. No such pressure exists for the government agencies which work solely on budgets and taxations coming from the people. In fact, the worse a government performs, the more it can claim from the budget. Indian citizens flock to private schools despite better salaries to the teachers in the government schools. What do we make of this? Ironically, the government employees always have a higher salary on average than their private counterparts despite the poorer services.

Yet the governments keep throttling the private bodies by innumerable 'quality controls' and even passing moral judgements when their own mirrors do not show a very pleasant face. Every single government office and every single law is an opportunity to make money over and above the salaries.

The roads are pathetic and nothing exists like a proper traffic control in most places. There are no provisions for parking in most towns and cities but the traffic police are very enthusiastic about taking photographs of all 'illegally' parked vehicles and collecting money from the e-challans which they now issue with irritating regularity.

The best solution would be to devise vehicles which can float in air to prevent the irregular parking on the roads. Why airlines only and a few industries? There is a case to privatise many of the government bodies and departments to help and save the citizens of the country from the iron grip of the babus and the political leaders.

Dr Pingali Gopal, Warangal

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