Accountability to self, nation is true Independence: Aneeta


Visakhapatnam: “Accountability to self and to the nation and the principles of ‘Swaraj’ or Independence based on human values...

Visakhapatnam: “Accountability to self and to the nation and the principles of ‘Swaraj’ or Independence based on human values and excellence make up for real Independence,” said Aneeta Sakuru, a Kellogg’s School of Management graduate from USA and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) aspirant for the Vizag Parliament seat. “The concept of the nation not being powerful is because of the degrading values in individual excellence, a cause for concern, which leads to very less self-accountability and too much reliance on governmental policies and schemes,” she said.

Speaking exclusively to The Hans India on the eve of Independence Day, she said ‘Swaraj’ in the current form requires the fulfilment of basic needs of all citizens like food, housing, education and employment. “We need inspirational leadership along with political leadership. As Indians, we can achieve true Independence when we vote for true thought,” says Aneeta. “Gandhiji painted a picture for Independence in which he explained that we will have villages with self-governance and self-dependence and we will have governance at a grassroots level and he also involved every individual in self-accountability,” she reminded.

She further said, “Globalisation and economics now have played a major role for India’s evolvement into where we are today. They have taken over the spirit of self-awareness. Higher education remains expensive, massive unemployment and lack of basic amenities have kept the concept of Independence far from citizens.”

“We are now more divided on the lines of caste, religion and region. The spirit of ‘India’ and self-awareness is diminishing and leadership is played to localised problems, killing the spirit of ‘Swaraj’ in the name of empowerment,” she lamented.

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