Mean politics takes violent turn in JNU

Mean politics takes violent turn in JNU

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), a prestigious educational institution of the national capital has fallen prey to lecherous competitive politics.

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), a prestigious educational institution of the national capital has fallen prey to lecherous competitive politics. The latest attack and counterattack on the students of the university on the campus on Sunday is in fact not an accident.

There was a build-up since long. The agitating students of the JNU under the leadership of the Left and ultra-Left forces do not want the admissions to take place in the university this year fearing erosion of their base. The acrimony among the student community has been growing after the return of Narendra Modi to his second term.

The political parties opposed to the BJP in general and Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in particular, have been provoking the students at the drop of the hat to take to the streets.

To push out the BJP from the campus completely, they have been using all methods of violence since long. Sunday's attack - first by the Left students on the those who were attempting to complete their registration despite a boycott of admissions call by the Left students and then the retaliatory attack on the Left wing students - is a fallout of this tussle between the students unions.

And even if it comes out, it shall be fragmented one. Student union politics have changed its nature and texture completely nowadays. Earlier, it was all about students' welfare. But now it is all about the call given by the parent organisations and their political leadership.

The pernicious practice of politicising has crossed all limits of decency. The situation is so alarming that the political masters are ready to destroy the institution itself.

On the one hand we have the Vice-Chancellor backed by the powers that be who is not interested in restoring normalcy and on the other, student unions which are unmindful of the vicious impact of politics on their lives and careers.

Ironically, those who get into the JNU are all brilliant ones who face a stiff competition in the entrance examinations. Mostly, they come from middle and lower income brackets and continue their studies with great difficulty.

In the end, they bring glory to the institution itself with their academic excellence. What happens to JNU under these circumstances? If the Left fears that the BJP wants to saffronise the educational institutions like JNU, they are wrong. The BJP will be quite happy to let the JNU rot in this fashion.

After all, it is the students who will suffer in the long run. Already, the academic year has taken a blow. Admissions have not begun. Examinations have gone for a toss and not a single class is being held on the campus.

The counterparts of JNU students are steady course. They might come out and hold demonstrations for a day or two in support of the agitating JNU students.

This is the simple and plain truth, the students of JNU should understand. Students' should not fall into the trap of the political parties. Activism is all right, but not dirty politics!

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