Our words & health: Is there a connection?

Our words & health:  Is there a connection?

Speak happy and positive words and witness how you feel. Utter irritating and angry words and observe how your body reacts. Use sad and demotivating...

Speak happy and positive words and witness how you feel. Utter irritating and angry words and observe how your body reacts. Use sad and demotivating words and examine your mood. Our words are the building blocks of our feelings. As a simple experiment, check your feelings right now. If there is a sense of restlessness within you, it probably has to do with some words that you heard or spoke.

Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto brought forth this idea that our thoughts and intentions impact us. He conducted experiments indicating the effect of both positive words and negative words on water. The results were outstanding. Positive words gave birth to beautiful water crystals, whereas negative words resulted in the opposite effect. Since we are made up of 70 percent water, what we think affects us. And thoughts are nothing but words.

Similar experiments were done on plants too, with similar results. Even children raised with negative words are proven to have less self-confidence and self-esteem.

However, the beauty of all this is that we as individuals have the power to alter our thoughts and words at any moment. Read on to figure out how you can take charge of health by merely watching over your thoughts and words…

It all starts with awareness

Pause! Listen to hear yourself speak. Did you know that a human being thinks about 50,000 thoughts per day out of which mostly 80 per cent are negative thoughts.

Thoughts translate into words

Every word that you utter takes root in a thought. So, watch out for what you say aloud in your conversations with family members, your house help, your friends, your neighbours, and so on.

Stop and transform

Once you start becoming aware of your words, slowly and steadily you can gain control over them. Watch the flow. If it is negative or useless, interrupt the flow. Change it to a positive direction. This will take time but is absolutely worth the effort.

Find your purpose

When you are busy with what you love doing, and do it for a higher cause, you barely have the time to think of anything else. So, stay busy in a productive way.

Keep good company

Who and what you expose yourself to has an effect on your thoughts. Seek the company of positive and encouraging people, watch inspiring films, attend spiritual sessions, read motivational books and be a part of groups where you can learn and enhance yourself.

Check what you eat

Food plays a role in your thought process. If you have eaten meat from an animal that was scared and angry at the time of slaughter, its emotions will affect you. Drinking milk from a sad and frustrated cow also has its consequences.

Get moving

Exercise shakes you up and sharpens your mental alertness.

Read the book 'You Can Heal Your Life'

According to its author Louise Hay, your thoughts and words create your world. So, if you wish to change your world, change your thoughts and words. Absorb the list of healing words that Hay has curated.


What you seek, you shall get. Offer written instructions to the universe through affirmations for a healthy and vibrant you. It works! Write them every day, stick them around in post-it notes, make them your screensaver or password!

Use powerful words

Fantastic, amazing, outstanding, great – use words that uplift you and others too. Wear t-shirts with positive messages. Have an inspiring quote as your screen saver.

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