Food trends of the Season

Food trends of the Season

2017 was a year for the books when it came to food trends

2017 was a year for the books when it came to food trends!

People were racing to the closest bakery to try a rainbow bagel or trying their own hand at making a smoothie bowl.

We have no doubt that people’s love for food will continue into every year with style, passion, and great taste. Here, we are listing a few food trends of 2018.

More air frying

Pub foods are always a trend no matter what year it is but as the demand for healthier alternatives grows, companies are finding new ways to help you achieve those crave-able flavours without costing your health.

An air fryer uses high forces of hot air to simulate the flavour and texture of fried foods while reducing the fat content by approximately 75%.

It truly is the fairy godmother of appliances, making fried food loving health nuts finally happy.

Edible flowers

This is a trend that has been brewing for the last year and we think 2018 is going to be the year it breaks into food scene in a whole new way.

With people photographing their food even more than before, these stunning flowers make dishes colourful and definitely Instagram-worthy.

Rustic bread

Specialty anything is pretty much guaranteed to be seen in the food trends these days.

In 2018, we think it will be rustic bread! You know, the homemade looking bread that is fresh out of the oven?

Once again, not only does bread like this taste impeccable but it is always very visually appealing which is an ultimate goal in 2018.

Savoury desserts

Sweet is always a good idea, but savoury is often underrated when it comes to dessert.

As the new year approaches, we predict a lot of foodies will be looking for creative ways to expand and diversify their dessert palate.

Incorporating basil, mint and different types of seeds will be a wonderful addition to desserts that are already known and well loved, but this year it will truly appeal to the adventurous foodie.

Middle eastern

Middle eastern food has been a crowd favourite for years, but it seems that 2018 will be the year that everyone raves about it in the same way they rave about smoothie bowls.

A lot of middle eastern dishes are packed with fantastic spices that not only taste good but have anti-inflammatory properties.

There will definitely be an interest in all the amazing benefits of the middle eastern approach to cooking.

Vegan meats

Twenty years ago, who would have predicted that one of the biggest food trends that is most likely to dominate 2018 was vegan meats?!

People used to think they couldn’t live without meat, but as it turns out it is very possible.

More restaurants and food production companies are looking for ways to appeal to the demand for vegan options, thus pushing them to get creative.

With burgers, hot dogs and especially a variety of tofu options, vegans finally aren’t missing out.


Mushrooms certainly are not new or ground-breaking to our diets by any means.

However, in 2018 we are going to see more mushroom varieties, such as Chaga, become mainstream, and health benefits to boot.

Not only that, but there’s a new mushroom-infused coffee that’s being hailed as the new ‘it’ drink of 2018.

With all the benefits of mushrooms, it’s no wonder the world of food is finding more ways to enjoy them.

Sugar alternatives

It’s not that health-conscious individuals hate sugar, a lot of times they actually love sugar and are looking for more natural ways to get that sugar fix.

That’s why in 2018, sugar alternatives will be a focus and under the microscope to see which alternatives the healthiest option and which ones are actually are just all about the hype.

Super powders

Super powders made a brief appearance in 2017 in the form of mermaid toast.

Do you remember those beautiful Instagram images of multi-coloured cream cheese slathered on toast? Most of them were created with super powders such as matcha and spirulina.

What a way to make a regular breakfast, extraordinary. Simply sprinkle your food with a few powders such as matcha, collagen or maca, and your body will reap the superfood-like benefits of these foods.

Sparkling drinks

Soda has long been named one of the most difficult food habits to break and we know it is not getting any easier!

In 2018, sparkling water will shine with all the ways you can simulate similar soda-like tastes without having to consume soda.

It truly is a wonderful thing when you can make a delicious, carbonated drink and not only enjoy it but know that your body is benefitting from it.

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