Get paid for disposing of e-waste online

Get paid for disposing of e-waste online

Planning to dispose of the electronic gadget like tv, computer, washing machine at dump yard, please dont do until you get in touch with ewaste...

Gachibowli: Planning to dispose of the electronic gadget like tv, computer, washing machine at dump yard, please don’t do until you get in touch with e-waste platform ‘Sanshodhan’. They not only recycle the parts of non-working electronic product thus helping in maintaining green environment, but also pay you for the e-waste. The online platform helps people in throwing away their e-waste through the online platform.

Everyday more than 1,500 people connect to us for e-waste exchange. A person from e-waste exchange then picks up the waste, pays you for it and then transfers it to a government authorised and technically sound dismantlers or recyclers. “E -waste recycling infrastructure in India is not very well developed and age-old practices are still being continued to dispose of electronic items. So, we thought that in urban areas there is an urgent need for setting up online e-waste platform, so that responsible citizens would start dumping through right channels,” said Shalini Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Sanshodhan.

We started working on the idea of setting up e-commerce platform from December 2016 onwards. Within one year, the conceptualisation and synthesis of other things started by November 2017. At the Nasscomm conference when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Hyderabad and spoke about the importance of e-waste, we built the platform in December 2017. Sanshodhan - e-waste exchange is a pan India e-commerce platform connecting the person having non-working e-waste to government authorized e-waste recyclers. We are going one step ahead, we are also, building a circular economic model in electronic case management sector. This is an innovation done for the first time in the country, said the CEO.

Shalini said, “We presented the idea to department of IT, government of Telangana, the Principal Secretary and other department officials liked our work. Then they signed an MOU to be a partner so that they can help us for the implementation of our e-waste exchange platform. For residential purpose we only work in Hyderabad because it is tough to create an infrastructure like logistic partners, recyclers etc. We have a team of eight members out of which Hyderabad, Pune and Delhi have one member each, three members work from UP and Lucknow each. But for the residential purpose it is only in Pune and Hyderabad and online platform works pan India.

The services given by ‘Sanshodhan’ are E-PRO for manufacturers, Sustainability certifier for bulk consumers, raw material supplier for recyclers, convenience for retailers and individuals, partner with Sate Governments to implement e-waste management policy and enable industries/ organizers to implement circular economy.

The benefits for manufacturers can monitor to meet EPR targets, as mentioned in e-waste management policy and allocated in EPR authorization. For residences free off the space occupied by e-waste at your home. Sell your e-waste at one click and contribute to the nation’s mission on ‘Resource Efficiency’, Reuse and Recycling. Shalini informed, “All you need to do is go to the website, register the electronics you want to give away and schedule a pick up. A person from e-waste exchange then picks up the waste and pays you.

BY Vandana Sharma

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