TikTok ban lifted in India

TikTok ban lifted in India

  • The Madras High Court lifted the ban on TikTok
  • The ban affected the company heavily, resulting in losses of $500,000 a day and risking more than 250 jobs

Indian lawmakers said that TikTok was encouraging the spread of explicit content and "cultural degradation" among the young generation, and then they banned the app of short videos, but only for a week or so, because the TikTok ban is already lifted. According to the reports from Reuters, TechCrunch, CNN Business and others.

Technically, the 120 million monthly active users of TikTok were not affected by the ban, since the Indian court order only prevented new customers from downloading the application from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. But that did not stop the developer of TikTok, ByteDance, from claiming he was suffering loss up to $ 500,000 every day the ban was still in effect, according to a court file discovered by Reuters yesterday.

It is not clear which of the arguments of TikTok shook the court, but Bar and Bench report that its lawyers argued that the application has the technology to prevent videos of nudes from being uploaded, among other things.

The application was banned in India for accusations of inappropriate content, encouraging pornography and potentially driving paedophiles to underage children. TikTok issued a statement thereafter explaining that any such ban "harms freedom of expression", even more, because the provisional order was approved without allowing ByteDance or TikTok to defend itself.

The ban is another incident that increases the trend of content regulation on social media platforms, a growing concern for many of the tech giants, including Google, Facebook and Twitter.

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