Brahma commending Bhagiratha

Brahma commending Bhagiratha
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When this was happening, Brahma appeared to Bhagiratha and told him that, the sixty thousand sons of Sagara attained heavenliness and will remain in...

When this was happening, Brahma appeared to Bhagiratha and told him that, the sixty thousand sons of Sagara attained heavenliness and will remain in heaven for ever. He also said that the Ganga will become his eldest daughter and henceforth will be renowned as 'Three-way-walker' or flowing in three paths and 'Bhagirathi'. Thus, it will be known as Tripathaga (Triple Path). Brahma advised him to offer obsequies water to his fore-fathers with the waters of Ganga after having a holy dip in the River to the fullest of his satisfaction. Later Brahma went away to his abode. Bhagiratha offered obsequies water to his fore-fathers with the waters of Ganga and left for his kingdom. He ruled his kingdom happily".

Sri Rama asks about story of Vishal City

On listening the narration of sage Vishvamitra about River Ganga brothers Rama and Lakshmana spent the whole night recalling the events briefed by the sage. The night passed away and early in the morning after attending to the daily routine and morning rituals, Rama and Lakshmana went to sage Vishvamitra and greeted him. Later all of them together crossed the same great River Ganga and reached its northern side bank. There they entered the city Vishal that was charming and looked like the one that can be compared to heaven. Rama enquired details about that prominent city Vishal, its ruler, to which dynasty he belonged etc. Like in the past, the sage started narrating about the legend of Vishal city. He said:

"Oh! Ramachandra! Once in the era (Yuga) of Krita, the sons of Lady Diti known as Daityas who were energetic and brave, and, the sons of her younger sister Lady Aditi known as Devatas who were vigorous and righteous, thought of living for ever and ever, deathless, ageless and disease less. Both the ladies were wives of Sage Kashyap. Then a thought occurred to them, that, by churning the milky ocean and by getting its (medicine like) elixir and later consuming it there would be no death and no ageing. On deciding to do so, they together made mount Mandara as stirrer and Vasuki the mighty king of serpents as churning rope and started churning the milky ocean. After they churned like that for thousand years, unable to tolerate the incessant pressure on it, the serpent Vasuki discharged lethal poisonous venom known as Halahalam. Then the so released Halahalam started burning down the whole universe including the gods, demons and humans. Then the Devatas sought shelter of Lord Shiva and prayed him to save them from Halahalam. Shiva appeared there immediately and in the meanwhile Lord Vishnu too came there. Vishnu advised Shiva to consume it first since he was the best God among gods".

Shiva consumes Halahalam, the lethal venom

"On hearing Lord Vishnu, Shiva in accordance with his suggestion, swallowed the lethal poisonous venom, Halahalam and left for his abode. Subsequently the devatas and demons continued stirring the milky ocean and, in the process, the mount Mandara slipped into ocean waters and submerged. Then the gods prayed Lord Vishnu to safeguard them by elevating the mountain from waters. Adopting into the form of tortoise, Lord Vishnu, positioned the mount on his back holding it uprightly and extended his helping hand in churning the ocean as one among the Devatas".

"After churning like that for about thousand years there emerged a male personality and an embodiment of Life Science (Ayurveda) Doctor, named Dhanvantari wearing an arm-rest-stick and a holy water vessel. On further churning an elixir was produced through which sixty crores Apsarasas with remarkable sophistication emerged. Along with them innumerable maidservants came out. Neither gods nor demons were enthusiastic in espousing them and hence they remained as general Apsarasas. Then emerged rain god Varuna daughter Sura, the presiding deity of liquor, searching for her espousal. She was espoused by Devatas when rejected by demons. Since then the sons of Aditi came to be known as Suras and that of Diti as Asuras. On further churning the Horse namely Ucchaishrava and a gem of jewel Kaustubh emerged. Finally, there emerged the supreme ambrosial elixir, known as Amruta, for which they churned for so many years. Ultimately the Amruta destroyed the lineage of Asuras, the demons".

"The moment Amruta emerged, there occurred a great ethnic fight among Suras and Asuras for its possession, since Asuras wanted to grab it totally not giving any share to Suras, the Devatas. A ghastly war took place that stunned the three worlds. Lord Vishnu took the side of Devatas and swiftly impounded Amruta by assuming a delusionary form of Mohini, a feminine or neutral form. Mohini maddened the demons with her physique and appearing as if she was distributing Amruta only to demos, in fact, distributed the entire quantity to Devatas. Whoever opposed Mohini were killed by Vishnu. Later in the subsequent war the sons of Aditi being gods massacred the sons of Diti being demons. On killing them like that Indra regained his kingdom and ruled much to the satisfaction of one and all".

Diti seeking for a son capable of killing Indra takes-up to penance

Vishvamitra continued his narration. He said: "Lady Diti deeply grieved for her sons who were killed by Devatas went to her husband Kashyap and protested. She questioned him how she would be able to bear the grief in the absence of not having a son who will be capable of exterminating Indra. She declared that she would like to undertake penance to achieve her ambition. She also said that it would be apt if Kashyap accords her pregnancy for an exterminator of Indra. Kashyap advised Diti that she should undertake penance meticulously for thousand years to deliver a son by his grace who will be capable of not only exterminating Indra but also will be ruler of three worlds. Gladdened at his words Diti on reaching the sacred place which is none other than this Vishal City undertook rigorous penance. During her penance period it was God Indra who attended on her and served her to the best of his ability. Thus, under his careful service Diti completed ten years less than thousand years of her penance and was under the impression that she would be able to accomplish the task unhindered".

"having been impressed and satisfied with the services offered by Indra, she disclosed the reason and secret behind her rigorous penance to him. She said that the son for whom she has been practicing penance has already entered her womb. She also disclosed that her son will be eager to conquer him, but she would advise him not to harm him. Diti also advised him to join hands with her would be born son so that both together can conquer all the three worlds. Saying so, Diti fell into deep sleep in that afternoon".

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