Is Glamorized world of social media more of a curse than a blessing to today's society?

Is Glamorized world of social media more of a curse than a blessing to today

Instagraming, Texting, Tweeting and posting all come as easy breathing and eating For todays generation social media is the very second nature

Selfies and filters have become the way to live

Instagraming, Texting, Tweeting and posting all come as easy breathing and eating. For today's generation social media is the very second nature.

If you do not have social media accounts, you lose credibility in today's society. It's like an unspoken rule: anybody who is anybody has a socia media presence.

The glamorized world of social media is a blessing and a curse. You get to pick and choose what the world knows about you. You have control of how you market yourself as a person. The application, Instagram, is a photography and Videography app that allows functions such as posting photographs, videos and gifts on your profile. You can show your approval of post by liking it. This world of Instagram has created an alternative universe people of our generation can live in how they choose despite their real lives. The problem with this is the blurred distinction between someone's life online and life in reality. In today's generation instagramming app is actually taking over their lives.

As a young adult in today's society, following someone on Instagram is how you basically came to know that person. People spend hours figuring out how to take the best selfie, which filter looks the best, or which pose makes you look skinniest. Some people will live their life solely to take a photograph to post on instagram to show the world that they're doing something. people take of their lunch, their pets, their view from their apartment and their parties. If all of this is happening, then how are we supposed to genuinely enjoy moments in our lives without pulling out a phone to capture the moment?

Gaining approval of your life by comparing likes which you recive on your photographs and how many people follow on your profile is not a real way to live. Social media is just a presence. It's not your life in pure, genuine, raw form. instagram is so much fun without a doubt. But it is actually detiriorating the society by making things look more important than how they actually are.

step out of your i phone foe a second, look around you. If you are genuinely enjoying a moment in your life, live in that moment. Dont pull out your i phone to snap the perfect picture for instagram. Dont think about the likes you would recieve or how perfect that filter would look. Try to truly live in that moment and enjoy life's simplest pleasures because those are the things you'll truly miss, not the selfie that you posted to instagram profile couple of weeks ago.

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