Tata Sky Offers More Than 400 Live TV channels, But There is a Snag

Tata Sky Offers More Than 400 Live TV channels, But There is a Snag

The subscribers can only watch the TV channels they have subscribed to, and Tata Sky Live TV channels can also be watched on the web

Tata Sky has become the top DTH operator in the industry with its innovative, and appreciable services. It was not only able to woo the consumers; it also added new ones to its subscriber base. This means that Tata Sky has advanced its offerings completely. As in, the DTH operator has not only started offering better services with smooth channel selection and more, but even the details that previously did not use to matter much have been tweaked for an enhanced consumer experience of the DTH subscribers. Tata Sky offers services like the cashback offer, new channel packs and more for the subscribers. However, Tata Sky customers escape many times with the Tata Sky self-care application, which comes with a unique feature of Live TV.

Tata Sky application on the phones also acts as a Live TV. So, the Tata Sky subscribers, can access the channel schedules and watch their favourite TV shows when they air, on their phone if they are away from their TV. Also, if some channel is played on the TV, and at the same time they want to watch a different channel, the Tata Sky application will enable this option as well for the users.

Tata Sky Offers Live TV Channels on Web

This is not the only advantage that the Tata Sky offers to the subscribers. When we compare Tata Sky's app to another most popular Live TV app Jio TV. The Jio TV application ships up to 600 channels to the subscribers, Tata Sky, is providing marginally more than 400 channels. Tata Sky has more edge over Jio TV with the presence of a web version. This means that Tata Sky subscribers will be able to watch Live TV channels through laptop as well.

What is the Snag?

With all the benefits that we have been discussing, there is a snag. The snag is the limit of channels based on users subscription. Now this means that if Tata Sky app offers more than 400 channels to the subscribers, they would only be able to watch the channels which they have subscribed to and not the other channels which they have not subscribed. So with this, we understand that the channel count would be limited based on the subscription of the users.

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