Good Snacks To Bring When Traveling

Good Snacks To Bring When Traveling

Failing to pack the right snacks can turn even a short car trip into a real ordeal. Snacks that are too high in processed sugar or caffeinated...

Failing to pack the right snacks can turn even a short car trip into a real ordeal. Snacks that are too high in processed sugar or caffeinated beverages can lead to a rowdy and rambunctious backseat while packing a cooler full of nothing but vegetable sticks may lead to similar problems that may arise due to youngsters who have become bored or dissatisfied. Packing a wider variety of snacks helps to keep things interesting and a balanced mix of foods and items makes it much easier to sneak in the healthy snacks that can help kids to develop good eating habits without having to worry about too complaints during the trip.

Knowing Which Foods to Avoid

Many parents find it easy to simply load up on junk food before a trip. While cookies, chips and soda are options that are sure to over well with the kids, foods that are high in sugar can lead to a dose-and-crash cycle that no one wants to deal with during a long trip. Sodas that have caffeine and even juices that may contain too much processed sugar can be especially problematic as in addition to boisterous antics from the back seat they may also lead to more frequent rest stops and bathroom breaks.

Refrigerators and Coolers

Easy access to cold-storage can be a significant factor when determining which snacks to pack. While yogurt, cold-cuts and a wider selection of condiments can make for a tastier and more nutritious meal or snack, foods that may not stay fresh during the whole trip could end up being more trouble than they are worth. Other snacks that may be too messy to eat while traveling or that require cooking or other multi-step preparation could likewise end up being too problematic to bother with. Packing a wide variety of fun snack items, healthy fruits and vegetables and shelf-stable condiments ensures quick-and-easy snacks that are sure to be a hit during any long trip.

Bento Boxes and Snack Kits

Assembling a snack kit from multiple snacks means that kids will have plenty of options to choose from when it's time for refreshments. Packing everything into a single multi-compartment container or preparing a bento box ahead of time can also minimize cleanup while ensure that no extra effort will be needed to find favorite items or to pull must-have snacks out from the bottom of the cooler. A cleaner, easier and more convenient way to pack and prepare the snacks that will keep kids entertained and hunger at bay can go a long way towards ensuring a more enjoyable journey.

Dealing With Leftovers

The other advantage of building a snack kit or party tray for a trip is that it offers the perfect opportunity to clear out the pantry or to make use of any leftovers. Using the last few cookies, packing up the last of the chips or clearing out the vegetable crisper of any items that might otherwise go bad during a trip helps to keep snack costs from getting out of hand. Keeping the kids fed and satisfied for less overall cost and ensuring that nothing in the pantry or fridge will need to be thrown out after returning home are not concerns that parents may want to overlook.

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